Handle Data Better

Improve your organization’s data fluency.
When you go to your doctor with a problem, she helps you with the specific problem and also encourages you to do things that will improve your general health:exercise, diet, stress management…

Your organization has a “data health” that allows it to deal with the challenges and stresses of operating in a data rich environment. Any organization’s level of “data fluency” is the best predictor of how successful it will be creating and using database tools and applications.

Get started thinking about improving your data culture by taking the Basic Diagnostic. Seven simple questions will give you some perspective on your organization’s attitude towards its data.

If your ready to dive further in, Take the surveys in the Data Fluency Inventory to measure your organization’s data health and start planning ways to improve it.

The Data Fluency Inventory forms are available on this site thru the kind permission of the authors of “Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication” (a resource you should have).