Batch Data Entry: Illustrated

Read this post for more about “batch” design.

The basic outlines of a form designed for batch data entry. In this case the records have been filtered to create a batch, but no individual record has been selected.


The result of this layout is that the user sees the statistics for the batch because they have to filter the batch before they can click on an individual record. They may not pay much conscious attention, but see the statistics will gradually have an effect.

When they click on a record in the current batch the layout changes to display the record they have selected.


Now they see the individual record, but we still show them statistics.

These layouts take advantage of the fact that most people use much bigger monitors these days, and thus have room to see more context for the data they are working on. They also take advantage of layouts designed for viewing on phones, where responsive design would use the same blocks of information.

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