Action Steps

One way to get started thinking about improving your data culture is to take the Basic Diagnostic. Seven simple questions will give you some perspective on your organization’s attitude towards its data.

Once you decide that you want to take action a good¬† first step in improving your organization’s data culture is to have a general checkup. Take one of the surveys in the Fluid Data Inventory . If the results look interesting you can email the link you get with your results to other people in your organization.

Talk over the results and decide with area you’d like to work on. Make your plan and work on your improvements.¬† You can repeat the survey’s you took the first time around by using the repeat survey link on the group survey results page. Come back after you’ve worked on improvement and have everyone take the survey again. See what the changes in the survey results say about your our progress.

If you are an individual who’s interested in data and improving your data skills you use the repeat survey link to take the survey again after you’ve worked to improve your skills. You can also run a report that shows your progress over time and your increasing skill levels.