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Get started thinking about improving your data culture by taking the Basic Diagnostic. Ten simple questions will give you some perspective on your organization’s attitude towards its data.

If your ready to dive further in, TheĀ Data Consumer Literacy Survey can be used to evaluate your entire organization, or as an individual assessment. Take the Full Survey, the individual assessment or one of the four components of the survey: each is valuable on its own terms.

      • Data Consumer Literacy-“assess the abilities of data consumers to understand and use the data presented to them in everyday, work-related situations”
        Take just Data Consumer Literacy
      • Data Product Author Skills-“measure[s] the extent to which data product authors have the skills necessary to create data products that effectively communicate meaning.” Take just Data Product Author Skills
      • Data Fluent Culture-“the extent to which your organization’s leadership, culture, policies, and processes support effective data communication.” Take just Data Fluent Culture
      • Data Product Ecosystem-“your organization[s ability]..to strive to make data products that are of consistent quality, respond to end-user needs, are easy to find and evaluate, and evolve based on feedback.” Take just Data Product Ecosystem
      • The Individual Assessment draws questions from the Data Consumer Literacy and the Data Product Author Skills components. Take just the Individual Assessment